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Basic registration details

You would have to provide your basic personal details to enable you to enter our spotters' reserved area. You must also submit a mobile number where we will send an sms to activate your account. This sms is subject to the tariffs applied by your provider. It is not possible to simultaneously access your account from different sources. If you attempt to access your account from a different device while you are still logged in, your gainspotter account will automatically shut down. It is possible to install and use the app on different devices but not simultaneously using the same account. In the Dashboard section of the app, you will find a login/logout tab. If you have any problems logging in, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

What details are required to log in?

To access your personal details section, you must submit a username which corresponds to the mobile number including country code which you provided in the activation phase. For example, in case of Italy you must indicate +39 prior to your mobile number.

If there are two of us using the same smartphone, can we access our gainspotter account from the same phone?

Yes it is possible. Every spotter is required to access his/her gainspotter not before having logged out of the previous account. Once logged out, the spotter may access his/her account using his/her username corresponding to the mobile number submitted in the registration phase. If you are accessing the app from a mobile phone which is not yours, we highly recommend that you log out from the profile menu bar once the session is completed. We strongly suggest to be cautious not to leave your mobile/tablet unattended when logged in thus ensuring that your personal data is not accessible to third parties. This is a general precaution which we recommend to ensure privacy on contacts and email.

Which details are required to log in?

In order to access your personal section, you must submit your username which corresponds to your mobile number preceded by the country code as provided in the activation phase.

Profile edits

It is not permitted to change your personal profile details more than once a week. There are specific data controls which prohibit continuous edits to your profile. Should you encounter any difficulty in amending personal details in your profile, please do contact our support team. Any changes to your profile will effect the typology of videos you may view however not before 24 hours have lapsed.

What are the benefits of improving my profile?

By increasing the amount of information you fill in on your profile, you have a better chance of receiving videos and news from the brands that you like and that you want to engage with. In this way you can watch more videos and be rewarded with more gpoints to redeem as you wish. Some partners reserve the largest number of gpoints to the spotters with the highest percentage profile. The higher your percentage the more are your gpoints.

When can i access the app?

You are welcome to access the app anytime and anywhere! Our partners will post news feeds and video messages at any time of the day and will reward you accordingly. The partners' offers are **time limited and subject to availability. **It is entirely up to you to 'cash in' and view the videos before the partners' offer expires. Some offers may be planned over a long period of time and targeted to a large number of spotters while others may be planned short term for a limited number of spotters. You may access your account from either a smartphone or a tablet via the gainspotter app. From a desktop computer you may only access your reserved area to manage your personal data, read the news and buy something from our virtual market.

What do I earn?

For every activity you carry out on the gainspotter app, you will be rewarded with a corresponding number of gpoints. Our partners may also opt to reward you with coupons or discounts for your attention. The gpoints that you have in your account can be redeemed for cash, coupons, or gift vouchers.

How is my personal data shared on social networks?

You may share Gainspotter's exclusive offers with your social networks. Your personal data will not be shared or transferred to third parties.

Who will be able to access my personal data?

The data statistics concerning the use of the gainspotter app is anonymous and therefore your personal data that only gainspotter has access to is not linked to any other data related to your use of the platform.

What do you do with my data?

We absolutely do not share your data with anyone else. We can assure you that your data will be only used to bring the most relevant video ads to you.

How do I actually retrieve the cash in euro from my gainspotter account?

Whenever you decide to convert the gpoints into euros you may do so by choosing one of the payment systems provided by gainspotter which are either bank transfer, credit card, paypal etc. The gpoints will then be transferred in euro into your personal account.

May i redeem my accumulated gpoints in the gainspotter market place?

Yes, as a gainspotter account holder you may redeem your gpoints in our market place where you will find a selection of exclusive offers.

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