Interviews with our Interns


First in our series of interviews with our interns,
we have Nele Potthoff, an 21 year-old student from Germany.

Let's hear what she has to say!

Tell me a little bit about yourself. (what you're studying, your hobbies etc)

I am 21 years old and I live in Cologne, Germany.
I study Multilingual Communication for English and French at the University of

Malta Airshow Interview

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Tell us a few about the history of the airshow: How it started, what kind of difficulties you faced at the beginning, how it has grown etc.
The Malta International Airshow knows its early beginnings with the air display in Malta of the Red Arrows in 1992 which was very well welcomed and appreciated by the Maltese public.  A few months later the Malta Aviation Society (MAS) received information that the national French Air Force aerobatic was about to perform in Malta in September of 1993. This triggered the MAS to formally ask the government to consider a proper airshow, rather than a stand-alone demonstration with just one aerobatic team. This included different kinds of aircraft performing in an airshow as well as others that would just be part of a static display.  The government acceded to the request and work started in earnest to organize the first edition of the Malta International Airshow. Not much time was left for preparations but the Malta International Airshow 1993 took place in September of that year and it was a resounding success.
What challenges does this kind of event pose and how do you overcome them?

Pierre Sciberras Interview

We are launching an interview series with people who have something to say! gainspotter cares about what members of the community want to share with our readers, so here is the first interview of the series. Pierre Sciberras is the president of the Naxxar Lions and a local councillor at Naxxar Local Council, who kindly agreed to answer a few questions about living in Naxxar, and gave us his first impressions of the app!

Tell us a few things about Naxxar Lions Football Club.

Since its conception back in 1942, Naxxar Lions football club has been one of the top teams in the northern part of Malta. Under the current management we are trying to make the best use of our youths that have been brought up in our nursery. Obviously to reach our targets we need to have a combination of experienced players and new players with the input of foreign players.

What is special about Naxxar and its people?

Naxxar is a lovely place to live in. Its people are helpful and having residents coming from all walks of life results in having a mixture of characters and cultures. With the help of the Local Council Naxxar residents within the locality have a friendly environment. One can safely say that Naxxar’s residents are offered an upgrade to one’s level of life by being offered services to optimum levels.

 How do you see the future of the team? What are your goals and aspirations?

 This is the most difficult question for this year. Like last season, we are counting on our young talented products and a mixture of talented local players. First target is to have a good squad that can retain the position in the current league. I don’t exclude changing this target in mid-season, but till now our aim is to retain the position in the 1st Division.

Would you consider promoting your campaigns/events through gainspotter and what features do you find most interesting?

 Being a football team it's hard to have campaigns being marketed on social media/apps. However, browsing a bit through the app, I think it’s a very good app that help its users to make the best out of the marketing offers there would be around.

7 reasons why mobile video advertising is the best strategy for 2016

Mobile video accounts for 45% of online video watch
The mobile video market, which encompasses both tablets and smartphones, is growing at a staggering rate. Instrumental to this growth is the sustained expansion of high speed 4G mobile networks  in many areas of the world and the behavioural pattern of the Millennials, who are growing accustomed to watching videos on their mobile devices. To this, one must add a considerable amount of users consuming content while commuting from home to the workplace, on public transport.
With the sales of mobile devices on the increase worldwide, brands and creative agencies are looking into innovative ways to reach their customers, and make sure that their content is actually watched.
Here are some interesting data pertaining to the online video market in 2015:

During the third quarter of 2015, almost 45% of all the worldwide online videos were delivered via mobile devices, which makes up for a 616% increase since the third quarter of 2012;
Worldwide video share during the third quarter of 2015 was up to 50%;
In Europe, over 53% of views takes place on mobile devices;
Smartphones are still dominating the mobile video market over tablets. The views from smartphones were 88% during the third quarter;
In the UK and Ireland, mobile video watch makes for two thirds of all online video plays, while the worldwide average is 45%;
For video publishers, tablet (32%) and smartphone (24%) advertisements impressions dominated over personal computers. Publisher ad impressions on personal computers have declined by 22% since the first quarter;
Video completion rates are higher on tablets (92%) than smartphones (89%). The best completion rates are obtained by videos that are not longer than 20 seconds. There seems to be a correlation between the screen size, and the amount of time spent by users watching video content.

Welcome to gainspotter!


Welcome to gainspotter’s inaugural blog post! This blog will share interesting insights from the world of advertising in order to deliver you the best possible video spots and other fun content to enjoy and earn money! Let’s take a closer look at what is gainspotter. As our name indicates, gainspotter does exactly what it says on the tin. You spot the gain and you get some fantastic offers in the form of vouchers, exclusive deals and actual cash. Let’s see how gainspotter can give you the opportunity to get something more out of your mobile, i.e. earn some money while you’re browsing your favorite brands! 

Learn how you can earn money with gainspotter while commuting!


Have you ever stopped to think how much of your precious time is spent commuting to work, school or university? The answer is probably “too much”.

Commuting takes time, costs money and makes people unhappy. The British Office of National Statistics, for instance, found that commuters show a higher level of anxiety when compared to non-commuters. Commuting also has a negative impact on happiness as anxiety starts rising after the first 15 minutes of a journey. The worst effects on one’s wellbeing have been noticed in people commuting between 60 and 90 minutes. On average, in a lifetime Britons spends a year of their lives commuting to and from work.

Why TV advertising is failing with Millennials

Interruption marketing, that is, serving advertising content to viewers engaged in an activity such as watching a TV programme, is increasingly showing its limitations. We are all well accustomed to the following scenario: we are watching a show on a TV channel, while all of a sudden the transmission is interrupted by a stream of advertisements. What would the average spectators do in this case? The likely scenarios are the following:

Video is taking the world by storm. Here’s why.



Video killed the radio star. While the affirmations of this hugely successful song might not be entirely true, the Buggles definitely had a point. And the reason is simple enough. No other medium has the immense power to move you as much as the video does.
From the super8 films that proud dads used to make in the 80s to mark a celebratory occasion such as a birthday party or a graduation to today’s world where everyone can shoot their own film entirely on their phones, a lot has changed as far as technology is concerned but the basics remain the same: Something so short in length has a huge impact on our emotions. Why? Because it is as close to real life as you can get. Photos can act as vehicles of nostalgia, but life is not static, it is constantly shifting and changing so rapidly that it can be hard to keep up sometimes. The video captures these transformations in all their glory and keep them safe so we can revisit them whenever we like.

4 reasons why you should adopt video advertising



If you haven’t yet started investing in video advertising it is really time to reconsider. Studies have shown that mobile video is one of the most emotionally engaging advertising experiences that a user can have, as well as being the hottest trend in digital marketing that is constantly on the rise. Let’s see some reasons why video advertising is worth investing in:

These findings about data protection and privacy might come as a surprise.


The topic of data protection and privacy has accumulated a lot of attention in recent years. As we are increasingly spending a large proportion of our time connected to the internet, either through a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop device, we are constantly sharing big chunks of our lives and inevitably our personal information and data online. And we don’t only do that sitting in front of our computers any more, but by being constantly connected even if we are on the go. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and we don’t just use them to communicate with friends and family, but  to shop, get information, entertain ourselves, bank and conduct business.

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