What is gainspotter




gainspotter is a free, subscription only video advertising platform that rewards you for watching your favourite brand’s
promotional videos and news with real money.
gainspotter gives you the opportunity to get access to videos, news and discounts of the brands that you choose
and by responding to their promotions you can earn actual cash, receive special offers and exclusive benefits.
So, what are you waiting for? Be a spotter and start earning money!


How does it work?





Download the gainspotter app on your tablet or smartphone for free and create a new user account.


Filling in your profile

You can immediately start filling in your profile with as much information as you want. In this way, our partners can get a better understanding of what your likes and interests are, and provide you with the most relevant material to you.

Watching Videos

According to the information on your profile, gainspotter will make available to you videos uploaded only from the brands you love. Watch the video to the end, because you will need to fill in a mini quiz afterwards. This way, you provide them with feedback so that they can constantly improve their videos in order to be as much fun as possible for you!

Get Rewarded

There is a variety of rewards you can get for watching videos, reading news and articles and generally engaging with your favourite brands. gainspotter loyalty scheme allows you to get promo codes, vouchers, discounts and most importantly real money in your bank account.


Why gainspotter?




A chance to earn some extra cash
We reward you for the time you spend watching our partners’ videos and for the interest you show in their products or services.

You’re in control
You decide when you want to watch the videos or respond to the actions that you are invited to take by our partners.


It’s fun! We are interested in anything about advertising that draws your attention, that’s why we designed the app so you only get videos that you like from the brands that you love.

It’s all your favourite brands under one roof! Think of gainspotter as a marketplace, where you can meet your favorite brands and reserve products that you like.


360° Privacy Protection



01 Your personal details

Will always be kept private and never be divulged unless authorized in writing by you.

02 You will not be “stalked”

While surfing the app, we will only be collecting data you decide to provide us with.

03 Totally anonymous

Our partners paying for your attention will only have access to statistic data which can by no means be associated to your profile.

04 Privacy

Any direct communication is carefully filtered by our system in order to guarantee your privacy

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