What is gainspotter

Welcome to gainspotter, the mobile application that innovates your advertising strategy.

gainspotter is a video advertising platform that creates and manages
a reciprocal relationship between
the user and the brand though its mobile app.

Its groundbreaking technology certifies the maximum levels of attention in advertisement views,
and the users are rewarded with vouchers,
free gifts and actual money.

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Your nurturing marketing hub

gainspotter is not only an innovative, seamlessly integrated mobile channel to implement your video advertising strategy:
It's pure trigger-based marketing.

Infact, gainspotter delivers highly-relevant messaging based on a prospect’s response or reaction to the promotional actions proposed.
For these reason it’s a perfect way to nurture your lead and to reward you customers.

The effectiveness of gainspotter depends of the interdependence of these instruments/activities in the our app:

1 Testing for all the principal kinds of attention to the video content

2 Call-to-Actions and promo-codes for lead engagement

3 Coupons and discounts to reward the lead and the customer

All the possible tasks in the app to configure and implement your actions of nurturing are linked to a constant focus on profiling active users
in full compliance with EU data protection act.

For all your nurturing actions choose gainspotter, it’s affordable and effective.
What you only pay for, are the actions actually performed by your leads.

Why gainspotter?

In-depth and extended Profiling of target audience:

gainspotter allows you to freely select your target audience from over 100 fields, intentionally collected, tested and re-tested by our app. You can further fine-tune the selection by asking as broad or as specific questions in our database of users in order to maximize the return on advertising investment.


The platform is easy to navigate and guides you in defining your target audience, creating the campaign suited to your requirements and conducting an ongoing analysis of the results.

Flexibility of Investment and Measurability of Results:

There is no minimum investment on your part; only verified views are payable. This new channel offers, therefore, a safe and reliable ROI model, making it an excellent method of allocating marketing budgets.

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More than just Video Advertising


Video viewing creates a long-term relationship between you and the customer. According to research, video is the most engaging of all mediums and the most effective way to capture and retain the attention of the customer. In order to support and nurture this relationship, gainspotter has developed various subscription tools to allow you to send news, articles, exclusive content and call- to -actions to the users acquired through the campaigns. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to publish geo-localised campaigns and set the time framework which increases the conversion rate and maximizes the chances to drive traffic to your store.

Is gainspotter for me?

gainspotter caters for a variety of clients, from the small to medium enterprises to marketing agencies and major brands. As each campaign is tailor made, you can adapt it to your needs, requirements and budget allocation and will allow you to manage your marketing activities in full autonomy.Our comprehensive, easy to use dashboard will help you navigate the system on your own or get online support and assistance from our team if you wish to.

How it works




Step 1:

On gainspotter’s backoffice platform, select your target audience (age group, gender, location, interests, etc.)


Step 2:

Once your overall target is defined, you may fine-tune your target in detail, by asking further specific questions (e.g. Do you wear glasses?) if you opt for the mini-survey in the video test option.


Step 3:

Now you can allocate your budget to the specific campaign you are carrying out.


Step 4:

You will then select the activity you wish to carry out: video spot, news or call to action.


Step 5:

Once you have uploaded your video spot, you may choose the number of activities to carry out i.e. the different attention level tests and/or mini-survey to match it with. You may set up a series of tests to address the level of attention of the spotter to the video, to indicate the level of understanding and satisfaction/approval, or combine two or more of the options.


Step 6:

You may also add the content of the videos to be published in the news section.


Step 7:

Choose a starting date and duration of the selected campaign and your campaign can kick off!


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